I was born in Castellar del Vallès, a town close to Barcelona, Spain, where my family had a butcher shop. I was the baby of a total of six children. My father bought his first camera in 1982 - the year that Spain held the world cup soccer tournament; I was 5 years old then. It was a 35mm Canon A1 single-lens reflex film camera. When I was a teenager I was allowed to borrow the camera several times for trips and hikes; I always enjoyed being outdoors and travelling – passions shared within the whole family. Since he saw I was interested in photography, took good care of the camera and put it to good use, he let me take it with me during my veterinarian practical training in Sweden, where I lived for 3 months. On this trip I also took all the lenses he had bought during the years: a 28mm, a 50mm and a 200mm-lens. To get to take the camera and gear for so long was a huge opportunity, and a great joy. From then on, I would take the camera with me everywhere I went, including when I moved to California for my post-doctoral studies in 2005.            

Photography had become a passion.  I started sharing my art with others by participating in few local and national contests with some success. Two years later I bought a digital camera and, although I felt like I was betraying someone (called A1), the advantages of using such wonderful technology twisted my principles a bit more than I would have expected. I bought a canon 30D and 100-400-zoom lens, which has been extremely enjoyable for wildlife photography. As a veterinarian I always had interest for animals, and during several summers I volunteered in a program for rescue and rehabilitation of Catalan wildlife. However, it was not until I got to live in California that my passion for wildlife and bird watching took off, since daily I could encounter a handful of new birds during my bike ride to work.            

I have been lucky enough to visit places such as Pantanal (wetlands) in Brazil or the Namib Desert in Namibia. But, as I hope you will agree with me, sometimes the most beautiful scenes can appear on your backyard or near your town. My only intention with this website is to share the spontaneity and authenticity of some of these moments.            

Several people have inspired me, with love for nature, photography, travelling and above all: good friends, good stories and good food. Among them, I want to dedicate this web to the memory of Lluís Dantart, a great photographer and friend from Barcelona who I am sure would be happy and proud to see I made good use of what he taught me.            

Because life is beautiful…